Sarkozy’s Brother Flips Avedon’s House

Following Richard Avedon’s death in 2004, the photog’s Upper East Side townhouse went on the market for $6.75 million and was purchased by Olivier Sarkozy, the now French President’s half-brother. Gut renovations to the four-story, 8,475 square-foot home ensued—save for Avedon’s all-white, ground floor studio and darkroom—and it is now back on the market with an asking price of $11.95 million. In keeping with the Avedon family’s wish to use the space for artistic purposes, the Sarkozys did just that in 2008, hosting Terence Koh’s show of semi-edible art, Flowers for Baudelaire. Having housed guests like Anna Wintour, Salman Rushdie, Dash Snow and Jeffrey Deitch, let’s just say we wish those walls could talk.

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