Zac Posen Threatens to Leave NYC

Given the less-than-flattering, high-profile portrayals of him in the press lately, you’d maybe understand Zac Posen’s wariness of reporters. But, in a flourish as over-the-top as one of his ruffled-within-an-inch-of-its-life gowns, Posen announced that he is more than just tired of the New York media—he’s over Gotham altogether. On Tuesday, Posen told a visitor to his showroom that he planned to show his next collection in Paris, “where they understand my clothes,” only to backtrack when questioned later, neither confirming nor denying a potential relocation. Should the move prove a go, we only hope Posen can replicate the Bobby Trendy-like interiors he just designed for 16W21 condos in his new French digs.

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