Tyra Banks to “Author” a Book

Has Tyra been been sniffing the glue from her lace-front wigs? News came today of the ersatz Oprah’s latest endeavor, a three-part young adult book series she’ll be authoring. Slated for release in Summer 2011, the dim lit centers around an academy of teen mannequins who find themselves magically transported to the woefully named Modelland—which, as Tyra helpfully notes on her website, is pronounced as two words. The series will take its cues from ANTM and Harry Potter, featuring an elite crew of supes dubbed “Intoxibellas,” whom we can only imagine are totally hot and constantly plastered. Lest we think Tyra’s fictional foray comes from a place closer to her piggy bank than her heart, she assures us that’s not the case: “I step into a bookstore and I shake (really!) because I love books so much.” Uh, okay.

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