David Bailey Forgets People’s Names

Swinging Sixties photog David Bailey may be chasing his Viagra with Metamucil these days, but it looks as though the old dog is still up to the same tricks. At last night’s party honoring the 72-year-old’s 50th anniversary as a Vogue UK contributor, Erdem Moralioglu recalled his shoot for the May issue, in which Bailey, apparently forgetting his name, directed the half-Turkish, half British designer by commanding, “Move your head to the left Turk; do this Turk; do that Turk.” Vogue editor-in-chief Alexandra Shulman recounted a similar story to a crowd that included Jerry Hall, Tracey Emin and Tom Ford. “When I arrived at Vogue, Bailey refused to call me by my name. In fact he refused to call me anything for the first two years. And then he called me Rebecca.” Though Schulman ultimately proved a good sport about the whole thing, something tells us Anna wouldn’t have been quite so game.

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