Kate Moss May Dabble in Music, Again

Are Kate Moss and Jamie Hince pulling a John and Yoko? Maybe, if reports of the supe’s involvement in The Kills’ frontman/would-be playwright’s new five-piece band are to be believed. According to the British tabs, Moss may be willing to brave another post-Primal Scream musical foray, with Hince assuming Bobby Gillespie’s role. Having already paid tribute to (or tarnished) Lee Hazlewood, the mannequin is now rumored to be covering a Velvet Underground track for Hince’s super-secret act, giving the quartet her musical input and currying favor with dinner dates. Should she wish to remain in everyone’s good graces and avoid Yoko comparisons, however, Moss might be well-advised to nix the purported cover photo for the duo’s single—shot alone, in bed and in the buff. 

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