Jean Paul Gaultier Makes Scary Decor

Jean Paul Gaultier is officially back in the boudoir game, launching a home furnishings collab with French brand Roche Bobois in the coming months. No word yet if we can expect corseted slip covers or torso-shaped lamp bases, but the designer did give WWD a glimpse of what life might look like chez JPG. Gaultier recently renovated Elle Decoration’s Paris guest suite, papering its entryway with striped stretch fabric and turning its central hall into a jungle-like conservatory. Clearly, however, the suite’s salle de résistance is its “flesh room,” named for its skin-hued satin walls. If the doll seemingly birthed from the bedspread like a Victorian Chucky hasn’t frightened you, wait until you pull back silk flaps on the door and see the images of Gaultier dressed like Dracula. “I’ve always been a bit of a vampire, it’s my hidden side,” he explains.

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