Zandra Rhodes Slams Celeb Designers

For some time now, fuchsia-haired English designer Zandra Rhodes has reportedly kept a catalog of designer prints she considers knockoffs of her own. Lately, however, she reserves the bulk of her distaste for a new hybrid: the celeb-turned-clothier. In an interview with the Telegraph, Rhodes says it’s quite likely the starlets in question never cracked open a sketch pad, having instead “taken things out of their wardrobes—by Balenciaga or some other brand—and had it knocked up by the chain.” Though Rhodes doesn’t identify a specific copycat (our money’s on Posh), she does namecheck Vivienne Westwood as a purveyor of deliberate shock and awe. Yet Rhodes’ redhead compatriot does have a little something she herself lacks—a title. Despite criticizing the Brown government, and British politics in general, Rhodes “wouldn’t mind being made a Dame. Vivienne is one, after all.”

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