Scott Campbell Goes from Tats to Treasure

Talk about art worth its weight in gold, or at least green. For his latest exhibition, If You Don’t Belong, Don’t Be Long, artist Scott Campbell has fashioned provocative reliefs out of stacks of dollar bills carved like classic Roman marble. The result is graphic, gritty and surprisingly poetic. Not a bad New York debut for Campbell, who sharpened his skills as a sought-after tattoo guru (his ink work is as just as pricey, FYI), before making a splash in the international art world, with exhibits in Paris, Rome, Milan and Miami. Not surprisingly, his subversive work has amassed quite a following of LES types. The opening at Oh Wow gallery drew the likes of Aurel Schmidt, Threeasfour, Justin Theroux and androgyne model Martin Cohn. Catch it while it lasts.

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