André Leon Talley: America’s Next Media Mogul?

We can only hope André Leon Talley’s new Contributing Editor title at Vogue means less time cloistered away at Condé Nast and more time spent in front of a camera. Given his recent television forays—i.e. another Martha Stewart Show appearance today and his saving-grace ANTM hosting gig—ALT may just have the makings of a media mogul. He’s the towering, smocked foil to Ryan Seacrest’s diminutive suit. Granted, his embrace of the boob tube is recent, and were it not for his tweets and blog posts, it wouldn’t be much of a stretch to imagine a Luddite André penning late-night letters with quills next to a box of bon bons. In keeping with his new, media-savvy image, he gave Oprah-style shout-outs this morning on Martha to both Ralph Rucci and Gerald Matthews, the heretofore unknown designer who created his black and gold, rhinestone-encrusted NAACP T-shirt—custom-made, of course.

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