Marc Jacobs Cracks the Time 100 List

Proving fingerless gloves and floppy bowties don’t hold a candle to plaid kilts, Marc Jacobs is the only fashion designer to have cracked this year’s Time 100 List, the weekly’s register of the 100 most influential people in the world. In the issue, out tomorrow, Victoria Beckham interviews MJ, saying “[Jacobs] inspires and educates me every time we meet.” Given Posh’s penchant for designing under the influence, we somehow doubt Marc was as inspiring as say, Roland Mouret, but we’ll let this one slide. And speaking of pairings, we’re all about the magazine’s story on Donatella Versace and Jet Li. Seems the platinum one has taken an interest in the actor’s charitable efforts, joining forces to raise money for victims of the earthquake that struck southwest China in 2008. “[Li] was so passionate that I felt the only thing for me to do was to help,” Versace explains in the interview. We’re imagining an inundation of chain mail, safety pins and Medusa-etched flatware to Sichuan Province.

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