Daphne Guinness Gives Birth to a Video

Couture collector-cum-designer muse Daphne Guinness has always had a nose for the good stuff, hence the decision to partner with Comme des Garçons for the launch of her eponymous perfume. Now comes word that the heiress’ short fragrance-inspired film, Mnemosyne, co-directed with David Parker, is up for a Webby Award in the Weird and Experimental category. (Disclaimer: we’re Webby judges, but weren’t asked to vote on this entry.) Nominated alongside Isabella Rossellini’s phallic-themed Green Porno, Mnemosyne purports to explore the correlation between memory and scent. Says Guinness in the press release, “[It] has the power to transport you from the room in which you stand, to a place buried within the depths of your memory.” True, the languid short, rife with rose petals, has a distinct “Calgon, Take Me Away” vibe about it, while the model struggling to free herself from yards of a filmy, floaty peach fabric reminds us of a PBS special on baby-making. 

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