Naomi Campbell Stares Down a TV Reporter

Her spearheading of a Haiti relief benefit may have been genuine, but while being interviewed for a Nightline segment airing this evening, Naomi Campbell showed no mercy for one pesky ABC reporter. In an ambitious and ultimately futile effort to suss out the truth behind the supe’s gift of an alleged “blood diamond” from former Liberian President Charles Taylor, the journo was given an intense version of the silent treatment. On the show, Campbell pointedly refuses to answer questions regarding the bauble in question, “thanking” the correspondent before turning her head and pursing her lips. A flack then intervenes, declaring the interview over, but not before Campbell up and slams the camera to the ground. Meanwhile, legit do-gooding model Christy Turlington is making her directorial debut at the Tribeca Film Festival on Saturday with No Woman, No Cry, a socially conscious document spotlighting maternal mortality. Compare and contrast.

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