Money Where Your Mouse Is

Not one to sit on his fine-pressed laurels, Patrik Ervell is braving the e-commerce fray with a new online shop. Not bad for an independent label that started modestly enough, churning out suspiciously chic outerwear basics. Who else but Ervell could reinvent the fleece zip-up as a fleece zip-up? But in only a few short years, the Northern California native has done just that, perfecting his incisive brand of sportswear down to a science, giving anoraks, windbreakers and khakis the deluxe treatment. On the new site, true to Ervell’s ethos, there are no extraneous bells and whistles, just animated models who tug at their wares, scratch their heads and basically mope around like a penny arcade peep show. And it’s all here, the full Ervell collection. Part California surf bum, part East Village beatnik, it’s100% Ervell—and that’s how we like it.

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