No, it’s not the Marc Jacobs nuptials everyone’s been gossiping about for the past year and more. Next Tuesday’s wedding, to take place following the reopening of Marc Jacobs’ Provincetown boutique, will star company president Robert Duffy and his boyfriend of nearly a year, Alex Cespedes. Unlike his outspoken Tweetheart, Paraguayan-born Cespedes is, according to Duffy, both quiet and Catholic, prompting his bf to hoof it to mass every Sunday since the duo began dating. Duffy, who ain’t a fan of the boys running the Vatican and an Episcopalian anyway, let it be known that the couple will have a small, 86-person ceremony, presided over by a Unitarian minister. Also expected: chocolate cake, lotsa peonies, Aretha Franklin tunes and black MJ suits. Of course, Jacobs will serve as Duffy’s best man—or maid of honor, as it were.

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