Who’s On the Fifty?

Details, the mag of choice for still-closeted metrosexuals, recently sat down and gossiped with Rufus Wainwright, who not only professed a love for The Real Housewives of Orange County, but also claimed rapper 50 Cent is gay. When queried, Wainwright said that beneath the blinged-out baby daddy exterior lies a good-time gal like himself, evidenced by his “cute little voice.” And should the down-low Grammy winner ever switch teams, he’s welcome to a threesome with Wainwright and his boyfriend—”experts,” he says. As good as that is, Wainwright’s anecdote about a society cougar who tried to “convert” him in his early 20s takes the cake. In one of the better pick-up lines we’ve heard, the randy lady told Wainwright, “You know, girls like it up the wazoo, too!”

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