What the Shrek Is Going On?

The family values brigade over at Fox News is up in arms after V MAN released a sneak peek of its latest photo spread featuring the cast of Shrek in somewhat compromising situations, claiming Dreamworks regrets authorizing it. All the usual questions are raised: Do the images pollute children’s minds? Is it just a publicity stunt? Why is a cartoon in a fashion shoot anyway? Tavi has provided no official comment.

Despite the moral ambiguities (the cartoon characters aren’t even wearing any of the advertisers!), it’s making for some amazing one-liners from the New York Post’s film critic: “I don’t think Walt Disney would have allowed Snow White and Cinderella to appear in a magazine spread that made it look like they were about to participate in a menage a trios.” Um, yes, please. Apparently weighing in on fashion for the first time, she ultimately dismissing the von Unwerth-shot, Formichetti-styled images as a “cheap ploy” and “a tired and vaguely tawdry fashion spread.” Ouch. Tawdry? Maybe, but certainly not cheap. 

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