Lizzi Bougatsos Opening

When she’s not performing on the runway with her band Gang Gang Dance (see Erin Wasson x RVCA’s spring ’10 show) or almost launching her own line of streetwear (it was called Dummah, and she lost her backers), artist Lizzi Bougatsos is collecting trash and turning it into hipster treasure. Last week we hit up the launch of her latest solo show, Slut Freak, at James Fuentes gallery, where we were greeted with a poster of 30 Rocker Tracy Morgan, part of the installation Good Hair, replete with a vanity mirror and sluttyish trinkets like lipstick, barrettes and ciggies. Bougatsos, whose work also appeared in 2008’s Whitney Biennial, kept the focus on the female anatomy with two signs that read In God We Bust and My Pussy For Rent. (True, when the beer ran out, we all felt like booze whores.) Decidedly less sexy was Yonkers Girl, a found poster with artist-added metal braces, conjuring the kind of cringy yearbook photos we burned years ago. Speaking of retro, Bougatsos pal Chloë Sevigny arrived in high-waisted blue jeans with clogs and socks, a dorky 70s babysitter look we assume was in keeping with the show’s ironic theme.

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