Cross Examination

Turns out Karen Elson isn’t the latest to add the “musician” hyphenate to her model moniker. According to her band Thrush Metal’s MySpace page, Alice Dellal will extend a March tour into the summer, including a May gig with Turbogeist, fronted by spawn-of-Mick and fellow catwalker James Jagger. Though Elson has been well-received by critics, and Dellal clearly has a fashionable fanbase, most models don’t fare as well off the runway. As The Independent reminds us—with the exception of Grace Jones, Nico and Carla Bruni-Sarkozy (we also kinda dug Milla Jovovich’s album in the mid 90s)—Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell and Agyness Deyn had spectacular flops. The writer also gives shout-outs to onetime lingerie model Caprice and former Page Three girl Samantha Fox, but neglects to mention Katie Price, aka Jordan. Don’t tell us she missed the former glamour model’s duet with Peter Andre (her ex), a cover of “A Whole New World” so appalling even Paula Abdul would have rolled her dilated pupils. Don’t get us started on Tyra Banks and Karen Mulder.

We’re pretty sure we’ve forgotten loads of models-turned-songbirds. Refresh our drink, who are they? Comment below.

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