Ladies with an Attitude

Attention Anna-loving girls and gays with money to burn and time to kill: Charity Buzz is auctioning off a week-long “experience” at Vogue, with the added bonus of actually meeting La Wintour in person. If the thought of having Anna nod and smile before closing her office door to you now and forever doesn’t get your panties in a bunch, take solace in that fact that, as Charity Buzz’s crafty copywriters note, “just being near her will make you chic!” With an estimated value of $10K, the trip to 4 Times Square might set you back a bit, but it will also be tailored to your skills and interests. Which, if you win, should probably include: obsessing about whatever lame outfit you wore that day, not screaming when you finally glimpse ALT, and being ignored by actual staffers.

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