Save Annie

Despite having reached a settlement last September with Art Capital Group, the creditor who initially loaned her $24 million before suing for failure to repay, Annie Leibovitz now faces yet another legal hurdle. Brunswick Capital is demanding $800K from the photog, claiming they introduced her to investors willing to finance her outstanding debt. Aside from the $50K retainer fee Leibovitz already paid, Brunswick is seeking a 2% “success fee” on the loan, as well as $350K in miscellaneous services and expenditures. Though Leibovitz’s perfectionist tendencies and lavish spending ocassionally irked clients and creditors, wouldn’t we rather see her worry about things like lighting, not litigation? After all, Leibovitz is a bona fide living legend. And speaking of debt, we do kinda owe her one: getting the Queen of England’s knickers in a twist, emerging unscathed and with a fantastic portrait.

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