Lady’s First

Lady Gaga’s bid for world domination continues with word today that the singer-provocateur-Polaroid shill sits atop this year’s Time Magazine 100 Poll, with over 172,000 votes cast thus far. For the record, that’s 110,000 more than #5, Liza & Liberace lovechild Adam Lambert; 161,000 ahead of fellow “Telephone” chanteuse Beyoncé, at #18; and a whopping 171,000 more than #129, Anna Wintour. The list—a people’s choice-style index of public figures—is essentially a popularity contest between People covers and past Most Fascinating guests from Barbara Walters’ end-of-year snoozefest. That, and Oprah, where we wouldn’t be surprised to see Gaga again soon, perhaps promoting her next single, “Television,” with a prison-yard cameo from the the Big O herself, all tough, tattooed and gold-toofed.

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