Friday Follies

And now, because it’s Friday, we bring you some random celebrity ridic-ness. First up, just as Celine’s heart will go on, so shall her perfume empire. Seven years, seven bottles and $850 million since her first stench, the chest-pounding power chanteuse has launched Pure Brilliance, a so-called floral sure to be spritzed on by the kind of gals who’ll scoop up our second laughable new product, Skyy Vodka’s limited-edition Sex and the City 2 bottle. That’s right, a co-branded bottle for the sequel. Finally, the best (or rather, worst) shiny new thing comes courtesy of a woman with more kitsch than all those gals multiplied: the inimitable La Toya Jackson. Last week, the lucky people of Dusseldorf were treated to the launch of Dream Cream, a “hand care product” Jackson commissioned from German cosmetics company Alessandro, complete with a Swarovski-encrusted jar. Ironic how her digits don’t actually appear in the advert, or what’s left of her nose. La Toya, we’d like to thank you for bringing a little bit of ridic-ness into our lives today.

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