Orchid Transplant

Following her starmaking turn in the last film in which Mickey Rourke looked halfway human, Wild Orchid Carré Otis battled heroin addiction, anorexia and a famously bad romance with her actor-ex. Today the early-90s supe is happily settled in rural Colorado with husband and child, enjoying Pilates and cross-country skiing when she’s not working on her latest venture, The Network, a consortium of modeling agencies in small markets. As Otis explains to W (and girl would know), New York ain’t the place for every wide-eyed pretty young thing, hence her decision to protect local mom-and-pop equivalents of Ford and Elite. And while the onetime mannequin can’t go back in time to erase her NC-17 past, it’s good to know she’s looking out for future models, presumably advising against film forays, substance abuse and pugilistic actor-husbands who can’t quit plastic surgery.

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