Madonna’s Little Helper

Madonna’s already bitten off the styles of everyone from Marilyn Monroe to Guy Bourdin, so it shouldn’t come as any surprise that she needs a little help in the inspiration department these days. Enter Lourdes. Mini-Madge is purportedly consulting on the design of her mother’s latest venture, a juniors clothing line. And lest we doubt little Lourdes’ fashion savvy, Madonna revealed that none other than pal Stella McCartney got her material girl started early, giving the then-8-year-old fabrics, sketchbooks and even soliciting her opinion on clothing. Predictably, Madonna then went on to liken the precocity to her own behavior at that age, switching between the first, second and third persons when describing her voyage of sartorial self-discovery in this accompanying video clip. Mercifully at least, the faux British accent failed to rear its mangled head.

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