Wild Peach

Peaches Geldof’s night with a no-longer-anonymous American musician and fame whore may not have been that innocent. The bigmouth alleges he and Miss P, whom he photographed partially nude, got down with heroin that evening, prompting British lingerie brand Ultimo to drop Geldof as the “face and body” of its younger Miss Ultimo line, announced today. For her part, Geldof denies any illicit shenanigans via her lawyer, copping only to drinking, taking some dodgy pics and apparently hooking up with the wrong dude. Bizarrely, Peaches’ paramour claims he woke up the next afternoon in Hollywood’s Celebrity Scientology Center, which her flacks deny on the grounds that he wouldn’t have been let in. There are more than a few missing pieces to this shady puzzle, and of course you can’t believe everything you read, especially when it comes from someone who could use the free press.

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