Headline Trip

Just when we were getting bored with snoozy status updates, Courtney Love joins the Facebook fray. Not one to worry about public opinion, she’s even left her cell phone number on a few wall rambles. (Page Six)

In related news, fashion folk are obsessed with Twitter, even if it gets them into hot water from time to time (just ask Robert Duffy). Are etiquette tutorials necessary? (WSJ)

Christian Louboutin dances for joy in a Bob Fosse-inspired short film. You would too if you were making a killing on those red soles. (Fashionair)

Lady Gaga is giving you shade with her own upcoming collaboration with Linda Farrow. Expect them to be Gaga-riffic and prominently featured in an upcoming video. Talk about product placement. (WWD)

FWD is reporting the Rodarte girls are taking over the reins at French fur house Revillon and may show as early as July for the couture collections. (FWD)

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