A Store Is Born

Vivienne Westwood knows a thing or two about men, from styling a grimacing Johnny Rotten in obscene tees to picking her main squeeze and design consort, Andreas Kronthaler. The hunky Austrian can usually be found cavorting with the feisty dame in kooky antics for the house’s campaigns, but don’t let the washboard abs fool you. No mere nubile attendant, Kronthaler has taken the reins of the men’s collection, MAN, bringing his own spin to the Westwood stockpile of pirates, buffalo boys, gigolos and buccaneers.

To celebrate her sway over the less fair sex, sherbet-haired Westwood has unveiled her very first MAN standalone store in the heart of London, filled with rough-hewn signatures, such as rusted-steel and wide-oak floorboards (as if straight from the galleon) and nickel-plated rails and cabinets. It’s the perfect backdrop for spring’s gypsy-nomad. After all, it was Westwood who was among the first subverted classic Savile Row suiting with precipitously low crotches, loose Moroccan tailoring and drapy layers. 

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