Gaga Us With a Spoon

Given the cameos from Miracle Whip, Wonder Bread and Diet Coke, perhaps it’s no surprise Lady Gaga’s Telephone video has left a few critics with a bad taste in their mouths. Polaroid, one of ten major brands featured in what some have called a 9-minute, multi-product paid advertisement, refused to confirm today that Gaga has an equity stake in the company. While we already know the singer is slated to unveil a line of co-branded Polaroid goodies later this year, the fact that she stands to potentially generate serious revenue from the joint venture isn’t shocking. And it shouldn’t be. With the music industry in shambles, and even touring artists losing money these days, can we really blame Gags for selling out? C’mon. And despite the video’s (paid) penchant for mundane foodstuffs and electronics, at least we know her sartorial cred has yet to be compromised (see looks from Viktor & Rolf, Jean-Charles de Castelbajac and Thierry Mugler). Call us officially over it when Haus of Gaga can be procured at a Macy’s or Target near you.

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