Art for Parties’ Sake

Deitch Projects is coming to a close, but the downtown scene isn’t about to shut down. After much speculation, Deitch Projects right-hand woman Kathy Grayson finally confirmed that she will indeed take the torch, or at least part of it, according to Art Info. With independent backing, she’ll be setting up her own gallery with many of the same names from Deitch, including besties Rosson Crow and Aurel Schmidt, whom she was instrumental in promoting in the first place.

For those in the know, this hardly comes as a surprise. Grayson, a talented painter herself, has been Deitch’s longtime emissary to the emerging art scene, enlisting numerous of her pals for groundbreaking exhibitions and epic happenings—remember Dash Snow and Dan Colen’s infamous “Nest” exhibit of shredded newspapers, urine and wine? (Neither do we, hiccup.)

Along with artistic savvy, Grayson has never been afraid to bring the party, a combination that re-energized the stiff gallery scene. No word yet on the actual location, but she’s said to be eying the former Marithé + François Girbaud boutique on Wooster. It’s bound to debut with a bash, and we can’t think of anyone better to keep the faith alive.

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