Miu Miu

Miuccia just wants to have fun, and there it was at Miu Miu, from the lavender-covered banister and Boy George soundtrack to the purple and orange eye make-up by Pat McGrath, a hint at the colorful clothes that were to come. But first the focus fell on a series of beautifully tailored, high-collared black trapeze coats and dresses so perfectly A-line and 60s in silhouette that they could have been plucked from Cardin or Courrèges. My attention moved down from these ultra-short, rounded or scalloped hem dresses to the high square-toed shoes decorated with flowers, bows and ankle covers. When the color did eventually arrive, it came as bright green, orange and yellow mini-dresses with high necklines and odd flesh-tone bows at the neck. But the most fun of all? Checking in with Pat McGrath at the Eurostar after the show. As if Miu Miu and the 30-something shows she did this season weren’t enough, the customs officers grilled her for freebie foundation and make-up tips. What fun it would be if their eyeliner turned up orange next season.

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