It’s freezing in Paris, but it felt even colder this morning at the Grand Palais, sitting beneath giant icebergs—literally, icebergs—that Karl Lagerfeld had shipped in. Is this where they’ve been disappearing? Seriously, though, in a season of dramatic, unapologetic furs draped and heaped everywhere you looked, Lagerfeld had a very real message: go faux. (Okay, the show wasn’t completely faux, but it’s a step in the right direction.) He opened with Chewbacca-like coats, pants, skirts and boots that continued throughout. Which isn’t to say there weren’t the usual classics, just chilled: leather bombers, black-and-white tweeds, angora insets, quilted details and blue flashes of a glacial variety. It was all pulled together in a rugged way, styled like something out of Norwegian folklore. Make that Sweden, where those icebergs came from. Snowball bags and stalactite heels were the icing on the Chanel cake.

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