Yves Saint Laurent

While I didn’t love everything in tonight’s YSL show, I do know one thing: LCD Soundsystem live is a transporting experience. Forget the goody bag; they were the best gift I got this Fashion Week. I didn’t go backstage after the show to ask Stefano Pilati about the music, but I’ve heard he’s been working with James Murphy for two years on tonight’s performance. Conversely, the show itself was fairly eerie, full of capes and capelets—think nun’s habit—over jackets and short skirts, while one floor-length dress could have been a monk’s robe. Then there was the transparent plastic that looked like a furniture cover. This morning I previewed the YSL retrospective across the street and loved the black and white bourgeois schoolgirl dress Saint Laurent designed for Catherine Deneuve for her role in 1966’s Belle de Jour. Even today, so many years since, it stands out as the perfect mix of naughty and nice. Pilati’s collection had elements of that, but instead of Deneuve’s pearls, there were gold chains with medallions—more Run DMC than French bourgeoisie.

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