In a drafty school gym, after a day of frigid temperatures, a late start to the last collection of the day could result in no-shows. But not Givenchy, where the turnout included key photogs, Beth Ditto, models/actresses Rie Rasmussen and Liya Kebede—all who looked like they had snuck back to their hotel for a costume change and a fur. Now, back to the show. Riccardo Tisci sent out a bevy of new-faced and red-glitter-lipped girls who, like deer in headlights, seemed to lose their way when their follow-spot moved on. Highlights included fitted ski jumpers and black ski trousers with front zippers slightly open and waists turned down. The trousers were cropped and flared at the ankle—après ski-style, but with high patent heels instead of ski boots. There were flashes of red and white lace, sometimes as bodysuits in a sea of short and graphic black dresses. A few male models seemed as decorative in the women’s collection as the ruffled mini boleros. All in all, the jet-set party crowd seemed to have gotten what they came for.

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