Vivienne Westwood

The world must look very different from Vivienne Westwood’s point of view. Never short of ideas, fashion or political, for fall she wants us to think about climate change and reducing our carbon footprint. The message was emblazoned on recyclable water flasks and on models with black outlined lips and a drawn-on mustache. Okay, the mustache probably had more to do with another one of her cautionary tales—Prince Charming, to be exact, his jacket and blue tights worn on the outside of bloomers, of course. There were also Westwood incarnations of Hansel and Gretel, but there was nothing sweet in the billowing, swathed and belted dresses, mixed prints and the slashed and jacquard knits. If her message wasn’t clear to all, there was a model in a parachute coat, cell phone in hand, communicating it clearly as she walked down the runway.

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