Viktor & Rolf

Along with incredible skill and superb choreography, we’ve come to expect wit and humor from a Viktor & Rolf show, this time assembling “The Convertible,” in the form of Kristen McMenamy. The 90s supe stepped onto a revolving stage in an enormous wool parka as wide as the runway, followed by Viktor & Rolf themselves. I wondered if the show would run in reverse, as it had once before. Instead, perfectly in sync, they slowly stripped Kristen layer by layer, using the discarded jackets, dresses, coats and vests to redress other models as they appeared in black bodysuits. Not so much passing them on, but converted them into completely different garments: a fantastic array of hooded coats, parkas, tuxedo jackets and dresses, even underlinings. And if that wasn’t enough, once Kristen had been de-robed down to a flesh-colored bodysuit, the designers began working backwards, taking and converting items that came from each new visor-wearing model. The timing and precision were near ballet-like, not to mention the skill at designing these fascinating twofers.

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