As usual, we loved Lanvin, and we get that Alber Elbaz can cut a dress. But it’s a little unfair to show us all those classics on the catwalk at once. Such a tease! Puff-shouldered dresses with crystal-embellished seam lines, navy- and black-pleated dresses and the cappuccino circle coat-skirt would all be hits on our fantasy shopping lists, but we wanted more of those moments that were like “um, what’s that?” and less “oh yes, that.” Of course The feather dresses, coats and even the shoes that followed were absolutely covetable, yet we couldn’t help but feel like we’d seen it before, and Lanvin collections have made us very jaded over the years. Nevertheless, it’s Monsieur Elbaz and he’s still bringing a tear of joy to even the hardest of fashion editors. 

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