Hint Tip: Mother Teresa at ASS

Here’s more proof there’s nothing sacred left in the world. Starting today at Terence Koh’s Asia Song Society, Mother Teresa—aka Shanghai artist Bao Xei, not the beatified Albanian nun whose tireless work for the poor in Calcutta, India, earned her a Nobel Peace Prize—will use the namesake’s image in the context of illicit drugs. Specifically, he’ll “employ a wrapped sculpture of the nun on top of a white piano and ask two friends of the gallery to play on the piano…and Ectasy will help.” It seems Xei, who takes X in Shanghai nightclubs, “wants to show that in playing music we can all acheive Ectastic Holiness of Mother Teresa.”

The Ectasy of Bao Xei is open to the public 24/7 for one week, March 5 – 12 (with special performances at 8:00 pm on those two days), Asia Song Society, 45 Canal Street.

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