Christian Dior

You can’t go wrong with a little Christian Dior in your life (apart from that baby-doll dress moment a couple of seasons ago). And today it was Great Galliano at his greatest. As soon as the sound of galloping horses and thunder-claps swept across the audience, we knew that the “18th century libertines,” as promised in the show notes, were going to be literal. Leather capes and thigh-high boots, Dior tweed and flat caps fulfilled Galliano’s vision of a modern equestrian fashion queen. The models threw a pose at the end of the catwalk—swaying hips, coy adjustments of stockings and twiddling of ponytails—which turned the sometimes twee designs into something far sexier. These were girls who had just jumped off their horses and into the haystacks. Saucy and sincere. Fabulous.

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