Holy Scents

If you were a strange, all-white, cauliflower-like plush toy, like the Grace and Grapie dolls that Jun Takahashi hand-creates alongside his Undercover fashion line, and your only visible means of communication was through a beam of light emanating from your head, what would you smell like? To find out, you could sample his two new perfumes, made with Comme des Garçons, which launched yesterday during Paris Fashion Week (though they’re not available until May). Holygrace, the mother of the two, whiffs of elegance and poison, exactly as the PR describes, with soft notes of vanilla and amber poked in the eye with red pimento and purple ginger. And in a curious combination of words you don’t hear too often, the daughter fragrance, Holygrapie, smells like “babies and sensuality.” We thought perhaps with these perfumes we might finally gain some insight regarding the true nature of the Graces. Now the mystery’s that much deeper.

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