Headline Trip

The Rodarte girls are taking their tribal spring offerings out to space in their latest collab, a fashion film with video artist Todd Cole, starring Guinevere van Seenus. Apparently the future involves lots of running; invest in sensible shoes. (Nowness via YouTube)

Makers of sunnies, Oliver Peoples has also just released a celluloid foray of their own, starring Elijah Wood and Shirley Manson (nineties alert!). This one is less concept-heavy—more of a popcorn matinee. (YouTube)

Not one to dwell on dashed Olympic hopes, Johnny Weir is apparently FIT-bound to polish up his craft for a possible fashion line. May we suggest the Project Runway video game instead? Would that be Johnny Wii? (NY Mag)

Never mind pay-per-view porn in your hotel room; now it’s all about pay-per-view art. Leave it to the Standard to give it a whirl, sans the pay part, offering a channel of high-concept brain food 24 hours a day, curated by Creative Time. (The Moment)

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