A Store Is Born

Spring is in the air, bringing goodies from two Hint favorites. First off, Robert Geller has teamid up with Greg Armas of Assembly for The Key Shop, a temporary store at 129 Rivington. We know what you’re thinking: New York needs another pop-up shop like the LES needs another hipster in baggy skinnies. True, but far from peddling random trinkets no one needs (we won’t name names), the collaboration offers exclusive pieces from Robbie’s spring collection, hand-picked by the man himself, as well as limited-edition items created just for the occasion, as well as a selection of jewelry, books and other rare items. Also look for a series of special programs, such as tutorials on crafting the perfect boutonnière (a flower worn on a man’s lapel) and mixing exotic cocktails. Imagine a dapper community center, minus all the oldies, but with some of the same eyewear. Through April 15.

On the eve of his women’s debut, Damir Doma is celebrating another landmark, the launch of his new diffusion line, Silent, which hits stores this week. What T by Alexander Wang is to slouchy tomgirls, Silent is to conceptual goths. The assortment of drapey, twisted basics in a muted, almost morose, color palette are perfect for layering with Doma’s complex outerwear, or just as good on their own. They come with a much friendlier price, too, so no need to hock all your Siouxsie and the Banshees memorabilia. The line also includes a series of geometric carrying cases, wallets and sneakers in luxurious lambskin, for roaming the urban landscape like a modern day nomad. Available at oki-ni in London.

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