Steinem Who?

It seems that Prada’s ode to Eisenhower-era silhouettes may have been more than a timely nod to Mad Men. The quietly subversive Miuccia was possibly pushing her own political agenda—though not the kind you’d expect from the former left-wing activist. As she told one reporter, post-show, “Feminism? It doesn’t really exist anymore, does it?” This has sparked a storm of speculation on the implications of her latest effort. The prim and buttoned-up look certainly has some heavy connotations, harking back to a time when most ladies paraded around as dutiful wives or Girl Fridays. Is conservative the new chic in a post-Obama era? The jury is still out, but we admit that with fall’s sumptuous offerings, we would think twice before burning our bras. Then again, Miuccia is perverse to a fault, unlocking the quiet eroticism of these seemingly straight-laced get-ups. Maybe she’s just tired of slutty girls in cut-off denim and see-through tees. Whatever the case, it’s looking pretty good to us.

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