Twit for a Tat

Deciphering Courtney Love’s Twitter missives is probably best-braved under the influence of whatever the singer herself was swilling and/or swallowing before she composed them. Now she’s taken to tweeting about another musician’s drug use, claiming Lily Allen, while she was a guest in Love’s home, consumed approximately a kilo of blow (which Kate Moss refrained from indulging in). How Love came up with the estimate lord only knows, but we’re pretty sure that the girl-on-girl vitriol originated from Allen’s Chanel cock-block, apparently issuing a no-Chanel-for-Court edict to her old pal Karl. Granted, judging from this deranged flapper look at Sunday’s Roberto Cavalli after-party, it’s gonna take more than the Kaiser’s magic to clean up the hot tranny mess. 

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