Headline Trip

Once considered little more that pole dancers in diamond bras, the Victoria’s Secret Angels have finally gotten their fashion wings, gracing the Prada runway and now getting ready for Giles in Paris. (Vogue UK)

Add this to the Nineties Nostalgia trend: Pavement has launched a reunion tour in Australia. We suggest hitting the mosh pit in a baby doll dress and surly attitude. (Pitchfork)

FIT continues its string of fashion coups with an exhibit of highlights from Daphne Guinness’s closet, opening this fall. (FIT)

A Project Runway video game may sound like an SNL skit, but we assure you it’s real, letting you to play out all your repressed fashion design dreams. We hope this will also deter any and all new celebrity lines. (WWD)

Is Miss Piggy’s latest style incarnation based on Lady Gaga? We guess that pig flew. (The Cut)

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