Headline Trip

In London today, family, friends and other luminaries of the fashion world turned out to pay their final respects to Alexander McQueen. Their shared homage? Donning his inimitable creations. (Telegraph)

If the producers of Survivor are running out of locations, Milan might provide an unexpected solution. Making it through Fashion Week is a ready-made immunity challenge. Thankfully, someone’s created a survival guide. (W)

The interweb was buzzing yesterday with rumors that Prada’s line-up would, well, break the mold with plus-sized beauties. Alas, Lara and Doutzen don’t count, but we liked the Mad Men theme. Who knew Miuccia had TIVO? (Twitter)

Believe it or not, Paris Fashion Week is just around the corner, with a new crop preparing to take to the catwalks. We’re keeping an eye out for our longtime pal Damir Doma, who’s making his women’s debut.

Finally something to smile about. After much speculation, Paramount has finally confirmed its plans for a Zoolander sequel. We pray for a Mugatu cameo and an endless array of fashion one-liners: “Merman, merman!” (Deadline)

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