Beauty Spot

Facing shelf after shelf of obscure, avant-garde, wildcrafted European skincare products made with the most angelic of pure water is like basking in the luminous arc of a deity’s wish-granting ray for beauty harlots like us. But even beauty prudes get the VIP treatment at much-adored Woodley and Bunny, a Brooklyn-based beauty shop that recently opened a salon. Rather than focusing on typical spa treatments—extractions, resurfacing and other trendy medical procedures—or skincare regimens from one line only, a facial is more like a custom explanation and trial of what their awesome products can do for you. Better still, treatments here often cost less than one tube of whatever’s on the shelves. And on top of that, it’s all administered with the soft touch of an aesthetician (we had the talented and magically named Candelaria) who’s as self-assured and knowledgeable as a gifted child, without the snotty condescension.

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