Facing the Music

Wonders of creation though they may be, and bless their hearts for trying, but models might not make the best multi-taskers. With a few notable exceptions, the model-slash-blank combination has resulted in some dubious forays, with model-slash-musician at the top of the cringe-y skill set. (Remember Tyra Banks’ jiggly dance single? Or Naomi Campbell’s sultry ballad?). So kudos to Karen Elson for braving such treacherous ground, releasing the first single and video from her forthcoming album, The Ghost Who Walks, to be released this summer by hubby Jack White’s record label.

Of course it doesn’t hurt to have an ex-White Stripes frontman in your acoustic corner, and titian-haired Karen comes to the mic with her fair share of music cred, co-founding The Citizens Band and cutting tracks with the likes of Cat Power. She may well be following in the footsteps of Irina Lazareanu and Jamie Bochert, both notable catwalkers who have managed to live out their rock-star dreams. Who knows, Karen might find herself on a runway strumming a few tunes (are you listening, Karl?). And the biggest surprise: it ain’t half bad. 

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