Alice in Wonderland Party

London Fashion Week ended with a trip down the rabbit hole as Selfridges celebrated their Alice in Wonderland pop-up shop. The party kicked off at 8:23 exactly—consult the book if that time means nothing to you—and by 9:00 the hole was blocked, packed with weary Fashion Week goers desperately clutching their Drink Me bottles and Eat Me canapes. Designer Alice Temperley, with her natural affinity for the fairytale, twirled on the checkered dance floor to DJ, part-time model and tough-chick-for-hire Alice Dellal.

While this wasn’t about celebrities, there were still the odd star appearances. Slash is hardly a face on the London fashion scene, and definitely not someone you’d expect to see hanging off the arm of snooty-ish TV personality Trinny Woodall, but there he was, surrounded by large white bunnies. All the while we heard rumors of an impromptu Courtney Love performance. When the original Hole frontwoman finally arrived, she “sang” a few “hits.” Where had she been? Probably in another kind of hole entirely.

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