Hint Tip: Guggenheim

It’s only February and we’ve already broken our “see more art” resolution. (Does Rodarte count?) But come March, there are plenty of reasons to get back on track. Beginning with the Guggenheim, who, to celebrate its 50th anniversary, will take a break from contemplating the void to host Transverse Temporal Gyrus, a performance-cum-exhibition by die-hard indie faves Animal Collective. Not quite a concert, the project promises to transform the museum’s solemn rotunda (currently inhabited by a whole lot of emptiness) into a frenetic, multi-dimensional, one-night-only (March 4) psychedelic extravaganza with projections, costumes and props, as well as new tracks. We’re thinking Where the Wild Things Are meets Woodstock. Expect all of Williamsburg to turn out; no word if the museum will valet-park ironic bicycles. 

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