Anna Sui

Anna Sui is, and will always be, one-of-a-kind. You can tell those shapes, those patterns, that boho-fem sensibility a mile away. For fall, against a bucolic mountain backdrop, the Detroit native sent out girls dressed like hippies on their way to an arts-and-crafts fair—a look that never really goes out of style, at least for Sui. We did notice one deviation from seasons past: Sui’s usual pink-cheeked, red-lipped fairytale make-up made way for muted tones, matte lips and strong cheekbones. Trouble is, under the hot lights, it made the models look like mall rats. Never mind, the collection had all the signature silhouettes—short, kicky, flattering—and fantastic fur jackets that make Sui the enduring icon she is. Could this have been any one of her shows since her 1991 debut? Yes. Do we care? Nope. 

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